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I’m Bob Evans of Insight-FD. Supporting SMEs who need clear guidance around their financial strategy. Insight-FD is the outsourced Financial Director you can trust.

Business Vision

To enable business owners to gain more freedom, through expert advice at every stage of their journey we aim to look after our clients, colleagues and the wider community and will always promote sustainable business practices.


maximise profits

Growing businesses need to analyse their forecasts, revenue streams and their client base. We compare your costs and profitability, we analyse turnover and help you to increase your profits as you grow.

kpi setting

How can you improve unless you measure your success? We’ll look at the most appropriate measures for you and your business to set KPIs, check you’re meeting them and highlight when things are heading off track.


Owning and running a small business can be a lonely place to be. Our team can be a sounding board to listen and understand the challenges you face. We will mentor you & hold you accountable for meeting your objectives!

strategy & planning

We all need to know where we are going so it is important to identify your business goals (and indeed your personal goals). Is it time to sell, exit or expand? Whatever your objective, we will work with you to carefully craft forecasts and business plans to show what you need to achieve and how long it’ll take to get there.

cash flow forecasts

Managing the cash within your business is one of the most important things to get right so it’s essential to project cash flow and prepare for any issues or shortfalls ahead. We will examine your actual income and expenditure & revise forecasts to reflect known changes so that you can be prepared for raising finance if needed.


Tailored reports to your specific requirements, explaining why each individual report matters. We will review your financial performance, spot red flags and show you how to make sense of the numbers, changing your accounts into meaningful management information designed to help you to run your business!

I’m Bob,
founder and CEO at Insight FD.

My number one job is to listen to you; I want to understand you, your values and your goals & aspirations, and then get right under the skin of your business.

As a CIMA-qualified finance director, I analyse your finances to help your business grow sustainably. I help you to understand your numbers to meet KPIs, prepare realistic forecasts and maximise your profits in line with your goals.

I’ve worked across multiple sectors throughout my career, from construction, retail services, manufacturing and the service sector. I have advised everyone from sole-traders, start-up & multi-million turnover businesses and, although I am an accountant by background & training, my advice covers all commercial aspects of running a business. I carry out systems reviews & implement profit improvement programmes.

I try to lead by example: I love my work, but I also believe in maintaining a healthy work / life balance, making time for family, friends, theatre, movies, wood turning and running.

Client Feedback

As a business advisor, Bob has been an excellent and insightful source of knowledge on areas ranging from the strategic to the nitty gritty – all delivered in a very personable manner. I can wholeheartedly recommend the benefits his outside perspective will bring to your business.

Latest News

EIS & SEIS Schemes

EIS & SEIS Schemes

Here at Insight FD, we find that raising finance can be one of the most challenging yet fundamental aspects in securing a business’ future. Equity investment can be a useful route & SEIS and EIS are really effective schemes for entrepreneurs and growing...

Why bring in an FD to your business?

Why bring in an FD to your business?

Growing businesses with less than £10m turnover, usually won't have an FD or CFO. The most likely reason for this is that they think that they cannot afford one. However, a part-time FD can be an effective and affordable hire.Here's why you should bring in an FD to...

Client Feedback

Bob and Insight-FD were a great help with forecasting and testing our financials to support our successful round of fundraising recently. They made a point of really understanding our business & that was a great help in generating a robust and plausible report.

Why outsource your FD?


Outsourced finance director services are flexible in nature, so you can have an experienced advisor on hand whenever you need support as your business grows.

Technically Strong Professionals

Insight FD only employ the best professionals. With extensive expertise in management information skills & essential financial practices, we have significant experience in growing & turning around businesses at Director level.

Exceptional Value for Money

Scale your services to suit your business & benefit from high-level financial reporting & forecasting services to support your business growth without the cost of a full-time FD salary.



We look at things from an unbiased perspective, bringing an independent & objective viewpoint to your financial management.

Growth Opportunities

Outsourcing your FD services allows you the opportunity to focus on revenue-boosting areas of your business

Cash Flow Management

We advise on company cash flow planning, working capital cycles & assistance with business financing to ensure that your business avoids any shortfall in cash.

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